About Us

The primary objective of Hiro Japan Xpress is to consistently meet the demand for fresh, healthy, ethnic fast food, and be competitively priced within the urban city market. The business model has been developed to provide food services for both on and off the premises. The restaurants are opened corporately to establish the business and clientele then seek approved franchise or license partners. Currently it’s sourcing 2 locations in predominately mixed-use office developments and urban shopping centers in the cities of west Canad

Hiro Japan Sushi Xpress

Hiro Japan is a boutique environment friendly restaurant concept originated in Vancouver. The first restaurant opened on the concourse level at Four Bentall centre in 2003 and the second one was in 2007 in Westshore Town Centre in Victoria. In 2010, other two restaurants were opened for business in Vancouver, Woodwards Gas Town and Harbour Centre. By Feb 2016 Hiro entrted Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver and Hillside Shopping Centre in Victoria.

Hiro’s primary consumer target market will still be professionals, medical and office employees, local residents, college and high school students and faculty. Hiro Japan offers a quick serve menu, and selects the best materials available to create a variety of fresh made sushi products, traditional teriyaki meals and contemporary bento boxes every day. Compliance with all health department codes, standards for hygiene, sustainable practice, and fresh made product are the top priorities for the owner and operators of this concept.

Principal Use Menu
For the sale at retail of fresh made Sushi, boxed Sushi, bento box, teriyaki meals, Japanese noodles, vegetables, tofu, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, rice bowl, soups, a variety of tempura cooked seafood and vegetables, Japanese style salads, Japanese desserts, hot and cold beverages for consumption on and off the premises. A menu may be attached for complete details.

Size Requirement
Hiro Japan Xpress requires 350 - 1,000 square feet with a minimum 15 feet of frontage for teriyaki and sushi use and Hiro Sushi Xpress prefers 200 – 300 square feet, both concepts should be located with in-line premises on main or concourse levels or in food courts. In-line space located near food courts or main entrances are preferable.